Museums For Future
Always celebrate small wins. Even if you failed at the beginning, it’s okay. You can always start all over again.
We are a non-profit, independent organization that unites a global community of museum professionals and cultural institutions. In our mutual aim to remain below +1.5°C global heating - as stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement - and to establish global climate justice, we are an alliance to our children and the best available science.
We envision a world in which every museum and cultural organization is climate-neutral and a bold advocate of ecological and social justice. Institutions draw on their rich cultural capital and storytelling expertise to engage their audiences and communities to safeguard a sustainable, equitable and culturally diverse future
We mobilize a global network of museum workers and institutions to participate in coordinated actions that put pressure on decision-makers to enact the Paris Climate Agreement. We foster dialogue between museums, local communities, and the public about the ecological crisis and the diverse solutions to avert it. By emphasizing the societal benefits of a sustainable transformation we activate and inspire.
Climate Justice
We commit to limiting global heating to +1.5°C as ratified in the Paris Climate Agreement and achieving global climate justice.
We are self-organized, distributed, and politically independent. We will not be taken over by any organization at any level.
We are a youth-driven movement that is open to all people who share our goals and values.
We adapt our structures and
approaches to favor local conditions.
Multilevel Change Makers
We advocate for change on all levels:
local, institutional, national, and international.
We operate in a democratic,
transparent, and open way.
Strikes and actions are strictly peaceful.
For local campaigns and knowledge sharing,
the Museums For Future network
is organized into
Local Groups
Museums For Future Germany
Rallying up to the German national elections in autumn 2021, Museums For Future Germany formed and immediately gained popularity amongst museum professionals. A versatile group of volunteers awaits your joining.
Institutional Supporters
These institutions and organizations have signed our Declaration.
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